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As a follower of Jesus, a nurse, and an adventurer, I embrace new challenges, and highly value people and relationships. A long time ago I realized I had way more than I deserved, and so I aimed to live a life poured back to the Life Giver. The places He took me were remarkable, teaching me about His extraordinary goodness and His ultimate love for humanity.


The Book

 In 2017, God led me to the front lines of Mosul, Iraq. His work unfolds within the scripted narrative, as I empty my heart, soul, and mind in the bunkhouse -10 miles outside one of the most brutal and evil wars I could ever imagine. These following accounts are word-for-word journal entries, written on the date scripted at the top of each page, and sent home for my family to pray over.  

Medical photos are sourtesy of Samaritan's Purse

Why This Matters

"Sometimes we can prevent someone’s hurt, and sometimes we can only join them after. But whether it’s before or whether it’s after, let us run to each other. Let us run into those dangerous

 places for each other. And if we can only come this far, then this far we will come, waiting and ready to help them."

Ann Galgano

*Medical photos are courtesy of Samaritan's Purse


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